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The word ‘pizza’ is (at least) a thousand years old.

The earliest recorded occurrence of the word pizza is from 997 AD. It originates in Latin as pinn, pasta
the participle of pinsare, which means “to flatten” probably refers to the way pizza has been prepared.

So here are some Interesting Facts about Pizza

1.Pizza Marinara is the oldest type of pizza.

The oldest among the tomato-based pizzas is the Marinara which dates back to 1734. It was a basic and natural dish garnished — as it is nowadays— with tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, and also extra virgin olive oil. But it was named marinara because the fishermen liked this sauce!

2.The pizzeria in Naples was the very first.

The oldest pizza place in the world opened as early as 1738 and is still operating today in Naples. In 1830, Pizzeria Port’Alba went from being a stand for the peddlers to becoming an actual pizza restaurant. Some of its many noble clients were Gabriele d’Annunzio, Ferdinand of Bourbon, Francesco Crispi and Benedetto Croce.

3.This pizza is named after Italy’s first queen
(or is it?)

Interesting Facts about Pizza

As Vittorio Emanuele II was a widower by the time he became king of unified Italy, Margherita di Savoia became his son’s wife and then queen first.
reportedly, in 1889 when he was living in Naples a famous pizzaiolo named Raffaele Esposito offered three types of pizza to the queen who expressed her preference for one with mozzarella that had tomato and basil as its toppings because they were symbolic Italian colors. To be honest, many believe the story was a ploy to attract business to Esposito’s restaurant, but it doesn’t matter: This is a situation where the legend has become greater than reality.

4. Alexandre knew that the pizza was to become a symbol

Interesting Facts about Pizza

In 1835, the author of The Three Musketeers visited Naples. While there he noticed that Neapolitans had peculiar eating habits: He would eat loads of watermelon in the summer and loads of pizzas during the other times

5.The first pizza parlor in America is still around nowadays.

Interesting Facts about Pizza

It was not until 1905 that a pizzeria opened in New York City – the first one known to have popped up in this country. Merely 16 years after the invention of pizza Margherita, another Italian immigrant opened a pizzeria in New York called Lombardi’s which had everything to become an instant hit.

Americans consume the most pizza and also Italians come in second place.

Americans consume 23 pounds of pizza annually, making them the world’s most avid lovers. Italians place second with their 16 pounds each every year.

Pizza is a word that remains the same on the Earth! Pizza means the same throughout Antarctica to Greenland, from California to China.