Everyone knows what a cocktail is: an excellent cocktail made out of different kinds of spirits and other flavors including juice, liqueurs, flavored syrup, bitters, and garnishes. Cocktails come in different forms and are customized by every bar from its unique version of a classic recipe to or invention of novelty on the menu. So Here are Some Interestings Facts about Cocktails

Cocktails have a very simple definition

All drinks that have a minimum of two components at least one of them being an alcohol may be considered cocktails. When it comes to one distilled spirit with a mixer, we call it a highball. This cocktail that contains two ingredients and a spirit, as well as a liqueur, is referred to as a duo. A trio is made up of some guitar, bass guitar, and a mix.

No one really knows where the word “cocktail” comes from

The origin of the term cocktail is not clear; however, its earliest known appearance was in a British newspaper in 1798.According to some theories, the term “cocktail” derives from the cocked tail of an energetic horse, which was initially meant as a beverage that would perk you up. Other ideas include an egg cup’s name in French – coquetier, which is simply a corruption of an old 17th C. English term “cock ale”, or any other weird beginning. The most unusual perception involves the mixing of different drinks in Mexico was done using a “cock’s tail”, as literally as a chicken feather.

There is an “official” list of cocktails

The International Bartenders Association (IBA) keeps a list of “official” cocktails. They divide the cocktails into three categories: For example, Unforgettables like Gin Fizz, Sidecar, and Negroni, Contemporary Classics like Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach, and Black Russian and New era drinks like Espresso Martini, Vesper, and Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Speakeasies popularised cocktails in America

Speakeasy was the secret name for the underground illegal bars that were in full swing across the American states during Prohibition – the era when you were not supposed to sell alcohol or drink it.

Cocktails became so prevalent due to prohibition because they hide the alcohol levels of liquors. At this stage, gin and vodka supersede rum and whisky which are not easy to make illegal and they don’t require much ageing.

The Martini’s origins are something of a mystery

One of the world’s best-known cocktails is probably the Martini itself, due in no small measure to James Bond’s regular intake. The source of it, however, remains shrouded in secrecy.

They say that it’s just a drier version of Martinez´s old cocktail. Other theory says that it was born in Martinez, California while others say that Martini & Rossi of Italy is the birthplace.

However, bartenders claim that shaken martinis are thin and watery for these reasons. They insist that according to James Bond’s teachings, the best Martinis come by being stirred, rather than shaken.

Martini garnishes are not limited to olives


Some of the traditional garnish choices for martini include lemon twist and olives depending on the character of chosen gin with vermouth.

If you are looking for something different, then you can ask for a Gibson Martini that has a pickled onion as the garnish.

Piña Coladas have been repeatedly re-imagined


Many varieties of piña coctails exist besides the popular piña Colada featuring a blend of rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice.

Of course, rum is replaced by amaretto in the case of an amaretto colada; instead, vodka stands as the spirit in the case of chi-chi.

Kiwi Colada replaces pineapples with kiwis or one may order a Lava Flow that is a Pina Colada-strawberry daiquiri mix.

The Tom Collins is the result of a 19th century hoax


A Victorian-era hoax is the reason that there exists a Tom Collins. People on nights out in New York became aware that during that day one man named Tom Collins traveled around the city defaming them in the year 1874. No one knew who the man was but he had angered them all. They vowed, therefore, to locate the villain.

Pranksters looked as if they enjoyed making simple people search after the mythical person called for his drink, but bars devised an answer by creating a long citrus cocktail and naming it Tom Collin.

A Bloody Mary scientifically does taste better on a plane


Although the Bloody Mary cocktail itself was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, its name is dated much further back in history. For instance, the title “Blue Mary” is a reference to Queen Mary 1 of England who loved cutting off the heads of Protestants. Tomato juice can be used as a substitute for blood.

For instance, such people as alcoholic passengers take a kind of Cocktail – Bloody Mary, which is offered to them by hostesses. Initially, these scientists reasoned that the change in taste buds at high altitudes strengthened the drink in the air. However, they gave another explanation which is related to noise. The findings of the taste experiment were that it was impossible to pick out sweet notes from environmental noise while savory and umami tonnes (tomato notes included) were identified.

The most expensive cocktail in the world can be found in Tokyo


The most recent one is the Diamond is Forever cocktail at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. This was a single diamond cocktail that cost US$22,600, where it only had Grey Goose vodka and lime twist. But while sober remember not to swallow down the still undissolved gem.

The restaurant will also serve Diamonds are Forever once delivered and in circulation too. As far as I know, maybe two and a half or not at all.