Welcome to the vibrant suburb of Kandivali, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Mumbai. Boasting a rich cultural tapestry and a blend of modernity and tradition, Kandivali offers a plethora of activities for residents and visitors alike. In this blog, we’ll uncover five must-do experiences that will make your time in Kandivali truly unforgettable.

1.Pay homage to some of the city’s most exquisite temples.

Kandivali boasts a plethora of temples that are a haven for architectural enthusiasts. From intricate frescoes to expansively paved stairs, these sacred sites offer a retreat from the bustling city noise, inviting visitors into an oasis of serenity and peace. Make sure to pay homage to the SMVS Swaminarayan Temple, Shree Balaji Mandir, and the Dwarkadhisji Haveli Mandir, each a dream come true for architecture enthusiasts.

2. An Evening At The Infamous Khau Galli

Things to do In Kandivali

Mahavir Nagar in Kandivali is a haven for food enthusiasts. We suggest embarking on a delightful food-hopping adventure in this bustling locale. Begin your culinary journey with the zesty Chinese Bhel (Rs 150) at Dadu’s Chinese, offering a perfect blend of crunch and spice. Next, make your way to WTC Pasta, where the Red and White Sauce Pasta (Rs 150) presents a delectable Indianized twist to the classic macaroni. Finally, indulge in the winter vibes with Healthy Bites’ Malai Paneer Chaap (Rs 60), reminiscent of the chilly evenings in Delhi.

3. Spend A Lazy Afternoon By Getting A Tarot Reading

Things to do In Kandivali

A kilometer away from Kandivali station, you’ll find “Angel and You,” a unique shop operated by a lady specializing in Tarot card readings. As a professional healer, she also offers Reiki sessions upon request. Even if this isn’t your usual interest, we still recommend giving it a try for a unique experience.

4. Take A Stroll At Evershine Green Park

Known as one of the most popular parks in Kandivali, Evershine Green Park is an ideal destination for a peaceful evening stroll with friends. It boasts well-constructed walking tracks and is surrounded by a variety of street food vendors and a flea market, enhancing the overall experience.

5. Enjoy Your Evening at Rule 34 Club

Things to do In Kandivali

The ambiance at Rule 34 Mumbai seamlessly transitions from a lively and energetic vibe during performances to a more laid-back setting for dining and socializing. The venue is designed to cater to a diverse clientele, making it an ideal destination for a night out with friends, a romantic dinner, or a celebration.